Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Alchemy Post Sound Creates Foley for Six Tribeca Films

Westchester, New York— A committed supporter of independent film and the New York production community, Alchemy Post Sound provided Foley services for six films screening at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. They include three narrative features, a documentary feature and two shorts.

“We are excited to have contributed to several wonderful new films screening at Tribeca, one of the world’s great film festivals,” said Alchemy Post Sound COO Andrea Bloome. “We congratulate the filmmakers and their sound teams on their success.”

Tribeca Film Festival films supported by Alchemy Post Sound include:

Love After Love (U.S. Narrative Competition, World Premiere), written and directed by Russell Harbaugh, is the story of mother and her two adult sons whose world feels emotionally untethered following the death of their family’s patriarch. Eli Cohn, sound designer/re-recording mixer.

Alchemy Post Sound credits: Leslie Bloome Foley artist; Joanna Fang, Foley artist; Ryan Collison, Foley mixer; Nicholas Seaman, Foley editor.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Killer Tracks Launches New Production Music Label – ICON with 16 New Album Releases

Works from award-winning composers Frederik Wiedmann and Joel Goodman available for immediate licensing. 

SANTA MONICA, Calif.— Killer Tracks, a premiere source for pre-cleared production music, today announces its new label ICON, featuring music for movie trailers, television promos, advertising, sports, games and other media.

The initial release includes 16 albums created and produced by award-winning composers Frederik Wiedmann and Joel Goodman, founders of independent music producer ICON Trailer Music. The collection runs the gamut from rich, melodic orchestral scores—many recorded with live orchestras—to cutting edge electronica. Also included are a large selection of alternate mixes, bonus elements and trailer toolkits. All 16 albums are available immediately for licensing in the U.S. and internationally.

“We are thrilled to represent ICON in the production music market,” said Killer Tracks Director of Marketing Andrew Donahue. “Frederik and Joel are gifted, versatile composers who write music brimming with emotion and energy. Their tracks are extremely functional, and expertly crafted to work well with picture.” ICON is expected to produce approximately five new albums for the collection each year.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Electus Embraces the WCPMedia Services Cloud

International distribution company employs the cloud-based media management platform to distribute its popular television shows to broadcasters around the globe.

HOLLYWOOD— Entertainment studio Electus has seen the future of media content distribution and its name is WCPMedia Services. Distributors of such popular television series as Running Wild with Bear Gryllis, Jane the Virgin, Fameless and Style by Jury, Electus began using WCPMedia’s cloud-based platform last year through its international arm to deliver content to broadcasters around the world. What began as a pilot project, quickly became standard operating procedure. The company now uses WCPMedia Services to deliver hundreds of shows each month to customers including divisions of Sky TV, Turner, Viacom and Discovery, on six continents.

“We use WCPMedia for high-speed, high-volume file transfers, and we use it a lot,” says Electus International Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations Brad Jorgensen. “We upload master files of our shows onto the WCPMedia cloud. Our customers are then able to sign in and download them. It’s fast, easy and secure.”

Friday, March 17, 2017

Antarctica Marathon Race Report: Goat South, Young Man!

One afternoon, midway through our trip, I joined other passengers on the deck of the Akademik Ioffe and watched amazed as humpback whales played in the water below. There were two or three alongside the ship, each a good 20 feet long, and dozens more spread out to our left and right, fluke-flipping, fin-slapping, barrel-rolling and thrusting their knobby heads out of the water, those nearest so close, we could look them in the eye. This played out as we skimmed along the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula, its coast a seemingly endless chain of rugged mountains and smooth glaciers. We passed icebergs the size of city blocks, ivory white above the water, cool aqua below. The humpback show went on for more than an hour.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Rising Sun Pictures Sinks Its Claws into “Logan”

VFX studio reunites with Director James Mangold for dark and intense “Wolverine” finale.
Adelaide, South Australia— Reprising its role on The Wolverine, Rising Sun Pictures joined Director James Mangold’s team for Logan, the third and final installment in 20th Century Fox/Marvel’s “Wolverine” saga. Working under Production VFX Supervisor Chas Jarrett and Co-Producer Kurt Williams, RSP contributed some 230 shots to the dark, visceral tale, with the work ranging from animating the title character’s trademark claws to producing finely-detailed matte paintings of locations in Mexico, Texas and elsewhere.
Logan is a departure from other X-Men movies in tone and style. Set in 2029, it reveals a declining population of X-Men and a weary Logan (Hugh Jackman) with diminishing powers. His attempt to hide from the world, and shelter an aging Professor X, is foiled by the arrival of a young mutant.

Bully Pictures’ Dustin Lance Black is a Voice for Equality and Activism in Film, Television and Advertising

His latest project, the TV special series “When We Rise” earns critical praise for its portrait of the Gay Rights movement.

LOS ANGELES — Dustin Lance Black is one of today’s most insightful and inspiring filmmakers on the subjects of LGBT rights, gender equality and inter-racial coexistence. He first rose to fame in 2009 when he was awarded an Academy Award for his screenplay to the film Milk. Since then, he has achieved success as a film and television director, playwright, social activist and commercial director on issues related to equality and activism.

His latest work is When We Rise, a luminous four-part ABC television series tracing the history of the gay rights movement from 1972 through 2013. Black created, executive produced, and wrote the script for the 8-hour drama, which interweaves the stories of three San Francisco gay rights activists. He also directed the 2 hour finale which has been lauded as a powerful conclusion to the mini-series. Variety says that the show “shines when it focuses on youth” and called it “resonant.”

Rising Sun Pictures Expands VFX Training Program

Award-winning visual effects studio has built a new classroom facility to accommodate more students and a new program offering a Graduate Certificate in Dynamic Effects and Lighting.
Adelaide, South Australia— Responding to demand from aspiring visual effects artists from across Australia and beyond, Rising Sun Pictures is expanding its visual effects educational program, operated in partnership with the University of South Australia. RSP will now offer a Graduate Certificate in Dynamic Effects and Lighting, modeled after its successful Graduate Certificate in Composting and Tracking. It is also adding to its menu of short courses covering 3D modeling, compositing and other subjects.

To accommodate the increase in students and class offerings, RSP has built two new classroom facilities, adjacent to its main studio and equipped with the latest computer hardware, industry standard software, projection systems and related technology. The new classroom space was designed to accommodate further growth in the educational program, and has the flexibility to serve large and small student groups.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

STORY’s Blair Hayes Captures a Portrait of McDonald’s as “My Place”

CHICAGO— STORY Director Blair Hayes explores a day-in-the-life of a McDonald’s restaurant in a new ad for Burrell Communications. My Place features a series of vignettes that portray McDonald’s as a gathering place for family and friends. They include a young couple who share a hot chocolate, teens scrolling through social media posts, a family having dinner sans cellphones, and a college student with his nose buried in a text book.

“Traditionally, McDonald’s has been more than a restaurant; it’s a member of the community,” says Hayes. “It’s a place where you go to get together with friends and loved ones, or where strangers become friends.”