Thursday, January 18, 2018

AES® Los Angeles Section and SMPTE® Hollywood Section to Showcase Sound for Amazon Series “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” at January Meeting

LOS ANGELES —  The Los Angeles Section of the Audio Engineering Society (AES®) and the Hollywood Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®) will host a joint meeting this month exploring sound editorial for Amazon’s new sci-fi anthology series Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams. The meeting is slated for Tuesday, January 30 at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California.

Based on various writings from author Philip K. Dick, Electric Dreams features ten standalone episodes, each set in a different and unique world – some that lay in the far reaches of the universe, and others that are much closer to home. The series debuted this month on Amazon Prime Video.
The meeting will include a screening of an episode from the series followed by a panel discussion. Panelists will include series Executive Producer Michael Dinner as well as Supervising Sound Editor Mark Lanza (who’ll also moderate the discussion), Dialogue Editor Ryne Gierke, Sound Effects Editor Harry Snodgrass and Music Editor Brittany DuBay.

Arkansas-based Waymack & Crew embraces the Hawk-Woods Sticky Battery

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif.— Dan Waymack is a filmmaker and president of Waymack & Crew, a production company with offices in Little Rock, Arkansas and Chicago, and a staff of 15. The company has an enviable list of credits that includes the familiar Allstate ads with actor Dennis Haysbert, as well as work for the U.S. Army, Marlborough, Kellogg’s and many other national and regional advertisers.
A devoted student of his craft, Waymack has an insatiable interest in camera gear and developing inventive ways to put it to use. One of his favorite recent finds is the Hawk-Woods Sticky-Battery, which he purchased through Manios Digital & Film. The extreme lightweight power source attaches virtually anywhere via M3 Dual lock strips and can be used to power cameras, monitors, rigs and many other devices.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Rising Sun Pictures Honoured with VES Award Nomination for Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok

Adelaide, South Australia— Three artists from Rising Sun Pictures have been nominated for a Visual Effects Society (VES) Award for their work on Marvel Studios’ summer blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok. CG Supervisor Hubert Maston, Lighting Technical Director Arthur Moody, On-Set VFX/Concept/Pre-vis Adam Paschke and Virtual Production Supervisor Casey Schatz (from Third Floor) are nominated for Best Virtual Cinematography for the film’s “Val’s Flashback” sequence. The team will travel to LA where the winners will be announced at the 16th Annual VES Awards Ceremony, February 13th in Beverly Hills.

“We extend our heartiest congratulations to our nominees on this wonderful honour,” said RSP Managing Director Tony Clark. “It’s very rewarding to see their hard work, dedication and creativity recognised by their industry peers. It inspires us to continue to produce excellence.” In 2015, artists from Rising Sun Pictures won a VES Award for Virtual Cinematography for the “Quicksilver Kitchen” sequence from X-Men: Days of Future Past.
Val’s Flashback,” which plays out in artful slow motion under glittering light, describes a fatal encounter between Valkyrie warriors and Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death. The female warriors, riding winged steeds, emerge from portals in the sky only to be mercilessly struck down by Hela using her magical powers.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Technicolor PostWorks Prepares 18 Films for Sundance

NEW YORK— Technicolor PostWorks provided post-production services for more than a dozen films screening at next year’s Sundance Film Festival. They include dramatic and documentary films competing in the festival’s U.S. and World competitions, as well as films included in the Premiere, Midnight, Next, Special Events and Animated Short Films programs. Technicolor PostWorks performed editorial conforming and color grading. PostWorks provided ADR, sound editorial and sound mixing. The 2018 Sundance Film Festival runs January 18-28, 2018.

Technicolor PostWorks projects include:

Beirut (Premiere). Director Brad Anderson’s story of a U.S. diplomat who flees Lebanon in 1972 and returns ten years later to negotiate for the life of a friend he left behind. Technicolor PostWorks provided dailies, editorial conforming, color grading and deliverables; PostWorks provided offline rentals, sound editorial and sound mixing; Sam Daley, Colorist; Josh Olive, Dailies Colorist; Keith Jenson, Ryan McMahon and Sean Perry, Online Editors; Ruy Garcia, Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor; Lon Bender, Supervising Sound Editor/Re-recording Mixer; Martin Czembor, Re-recording Mixer; Chris Foster and Michael McMenomy, SFX Editors; Marlena Grzaslewicz, Dialogue Editor; Ruth Hernandez, ADR Editor; Allen Lau, Assistant Sound Editor; Chris White, ADR Recordist; Andrew McKay, Digital Intermediate Producer; Christine Andrews, Sound Project Manager.

King in the Wilderness (Documentary Premiere).  Director Peter Kunhardt’s portrait of the last years in the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Technicolor PostWorks provided editorial conforming, color grading and deliverables; PostWorks provided sound editorial and sound mixing; Allie Ames, Colorist; Ryan McMahon and Brian Woos, Online Editors; Christopher Koch, CAS, Re-recording Mixer; Eric DiStefano, Dialogue Editor; Filipe Messeder, SFX Editor; Christina Delerme, Digital Intermediate Producer; Christine Andrews, Sound Project Manager.

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (Documentary Premiere). Director Marina Zenovich’s intimate portrait of one of the world’s most beloved and inventive comedians. Technicolor PostWorks provided editorial conforming, color grading and deliverables; PostWorks provided sound editorial and sound mixing; Allie Ames, Colorist; Ryan McMahon and Sean Perry, Online Editors; Christopher Koch, CAS, Re-recording Mixer; Eric DiStefano, Dialogue Editor; Filipe Messeder, SFX Editor; Christina Delerme, Digital Intermediate Producer; Christine Andrews, Sound Project Manager.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”: Stellar Sound Team Brings the Adventure Roaring to Life at Sony Pictures Post Production Services

Culver City, Calif. — In Columbia Pictures’ Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, the game has changed as four teenagers are sucked into the world of Jumanji. Director Jake Kasdan has introduced many clever twists to the action-adventure, and that created plenty of opportunities for the film’s sound crew to get creative with sound.  All sound services were completed at Sony Pictures Post Production Services.

The new film centers on four high school students who discover an old video game console and are drawn into the game's jungle setting. The teens assume the outer form of their game avatars (Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan), while retaining their adolescent personalities, and contend with a variety of menaces, including oversized hippos, rhinos and elephants.

The film’s fanciful visuals required a novel approach toward sound. “The land of Jumanji is fictional,” says Supervising Sound Editor Joel Shryack, who led the sound team alongside Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer Julian Slater and Re-Recording Mixer Kevin O’Connell. “The environments and animals aren’t exactly like they are in the real world. That gave us creative freedom, but it also challenged us to bring this world to life, sonically, in a way that’s believable and exciting for the audience.”

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hawk-Woods Launches Mini V-Lok Battery

New flight-safe broadcast battery delivers up to 150wh and fits in the palm of a hand.

Ashford, Kent, UNITED KINGDOM—Hawk-Woods, innovative developer of broadcast power solutions, today announces that Mini V-Lok, its new, ultra-small and lightweight V-Lok battery, is now available in the United States through Manios Digital & Film.

Mini V-Lok was developed as an alternative to standard, travel-size batteries for power-hungry broadcast equipment. “It packs a lot of power-into a small footprint,” said Manios Digital & Film President Steve Manios Jr. “Hawk-Woods Mini V-Lok eliminates the need to swap out batteries every hour without adding undo extra weight.”Originally introduced at IBC 2017 in Amsterdam, Mini V-Lok is the smallest battery of its type in the world, fitting comfortably in the palm of a hand. It is flight-safe, available in two sizes, 100Wh and 150Wh (the 150Wh version features two D-tap outlets), and capable of powering cameras, monitors, lights and other types of broadcast equipment. When used in tandem with an optional dual, hot-swappable adaptor, Mini V-Lok can deliver up to 300wh of power—double that of a standard V-Lok—in a device profile only fractionally larger.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Rising Sun Pictures Education: Creating Production-Ready VFX Artists

Adelaide visual effects studio’s growing education program helps aspiring artists make the leap from the classroom to the production floor.
Adelaide, South Australia— Rising Sun Pictures is well known for its ability to develop highly-skilled visual effects artists through its unique Education program. In classrooms set up to mirror real-world production environments and with instructors who are working professionals, the award-winning visual effects studio rigorously trains students in the technologies and techniques they’ll need to succeed in an expanding global film industry. Since the program’s inception in 2015, dozens of aspiring artists have used the studio’s undergraduate and graduate-certificate courses, developed in partnership with the University of South Australia, as stepping stones to their first industry jobs…many of them at RSP.